Do you have customer service?

Feel free to contact me 24/7 for service needs.  I have listed the Nextiva Customer Service information below.  If you are not a Nextiva Customer please contact me at 501-218-8956 so I can open appropriate tickets for your particular services.

If I do not answer the phone, please leave a detailed message on my voice portal and your voicemail will be routed to my cell phone immediately.

Can you help me with my Internet speeds and telephone service if I am with AT&T or Comcast?

Yes, we specialize in rate negotiations with contract renewals and switching customers to new service providers.  We will make sure you have the best fit for you business needs.


How Do I Contact Nextiva’s Customer Service?

Nextiva's Amazing Service support team can be reached at 800-285-7995 from 5:00am – 6:00pm AZ time, Monday-Friday. Additionally, we are happy to assist on the weekends from 6:00am – 6:00pm AZ time, both Saturday and Sunday.

Submit a ticket to Nextiva by emailing us at [email protected].

How Do I get a Letter of Authorization Form (LOA)?

Copy the below URL

What is the process in switching over to Nextiva Services?

Day 1

Quote Approval (Accept Quote / Billing Credit Card Information)

  1. Review the quote provided to make sure all Seats/Devices and features are correct.
  2. Accept Quote by clicking off on acceptance box.


  1. A docusign document will be sent back to you via email for you to approve.
  2. Authorize the Agreement via Docusign.


Day 2-7 (Phone System and Service Configuration Meeting)


Phone Equipment Delivery 

  1. Phones will be shipped to your office from Nextiva.
  2. Contact Shane Hall with CCI to Install Phones.

Consultation & Network Check

  1. Schedule the consultation meeting with Nextiva & CCI.
  2. Schedule Network Check to make sure Ping times are acceptable on your existing network.
  3. Review the Setup Process brochure for Nextiva Office or Nextiva Call Center.
  4. Think about the features and functionality your company and users needs.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about how you’d like your phone system to be set up.  (90 min meeting)


Day 7-14 (Implementation)


Implementation Checklist

  1. You will need to be on location where the phones will be in use.
  2. All phones/devices must be connected to power and Internet prior to the call time.
  3. Please have an available computer connected to the phone’s network.
  4. Please be prepared to test call flow to ensure calls are routing properly.
  5. If you are using phones from a previous provider, please have all phones unlocked or the passwords for the other provider (if applicable).
  6. You will also need to be prepared to begin forwarding your calls to the temporary number(s) provided to you.



Porting  (Here is the Link to start the Porting Process from the losing carrier)

How Can I Get a LOA Porting Form? | Nextiva Support

Porting is the process of taking your phone number away from your current carrier and moving it to another carrier, such as Nextiva. Nextiva will be working

Day 14-30 (Porting can take 10-15 days from various carriers)

Training Checklist (To ensure a successful training, please review the tips below)

  1. Training should be scheduled with a Trainer one or two days prior to the FOC Port Date.
  2. For Phone training, it is advised to have one of your new devices present at the time of training.
  3. For Admin/Feature training, you will need access to a computer and the appropriate user ID and password to access the portal/application.
  4. Please be prepared to take notes and ask questions about your daily phone use and/or call flow programming.

What Are the Advantages of Nextiva Trunking?

What does SIP Trunking entail?


SIP Trunking is a non-hosted service offered by Nextiva to set up communication between a local or enterprise PBX to Nextiva’s SIP Trunking server. This service gives the local PBX a connection to worldwide call routing through Nextiva’s infrastructure.


The Advantages of SIP Trunking include:

  • Low-cost Internet telephony solution – Nextiva currently offers highly affordable and competitive rates to customers looking for a SIP Trunking service that meets their needs. Contact a Nextiva Account Executive to get information or a quote regarding Nextiva SIP Trunking. Call 1-800-799-0600 or email [email protected]
  • Rapid return on investment – Typically, because costs of a “hosted” solution are higher due to the integration of features and services included within the hosted platform, SIP Trunking offers a lower cost per-line, necessary to make and receive phone calls while maintaining the features or services included within your local PBX.
  • Retain your existing equipment, including local PBX and phone devices – If you currently have equipment, including a PBX and phone system, that was in-use with another provider, it’s very likely that PBX can connect to Nextiva’s SIP Trunking service simply by entering Nextiva’s registration string and pointing the device to Nextiva’s servers.
  • Easily managed Nextiva Trunking Portal – Nextiva’s online Trunking Portal makes it easy to manage your phone numbers, Caller ID, add multiple PBX options, review your call history, set forwarding fail-overs and establish E911 options for multiple sites.
  • International calling – Nextiva offers competitive pricing on international dialing options.
  • Integrate specific features applicable to your existing PBX – If your PBX has unique features that are important to your business, you can continue to utilize those features and applications through your own local PBX while maintaining the integrity of call routing using the Nextiva SIP Trunking service.
  • Redundancy with multiple service providers – While most businesses are concerned about “uptime,” Nextiva SIP Trunking is an excellent choice for redundancy, or “fail-over,” to ensure that your local PBX can connect to another SIP Service in the event of outage or downtime with another provider.


What Systems are Compatible with Nextiva Trunking?

Nextiva can host a variety of different SIP-capable PBX systems. Nextiva cannot directly support any analog-based PBX systems, however, we do support a variety of Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs). Below, we have included a list of recommended PBX systems known to work with the Nextiva Service.

With any PBX platform, it is necessary to have a local IT Administrator capable of registering, connecting, and configuring the PBX system to Nextiva’s Trunking service. If you are unable to find an IT Administrator we recommend you inquire about our hosted PBX services as our Technical Support team is thoroughly trained in these services.


Note: Due to the multitude of available PBX systems capable of connecting to Nextiva’s SIP trunking service, our technical support is limited in nature to any features, setup or information relevant to ensure a fully functional PBX. Nextiva has information that will help you register your local PBX to our SIP service. Any questions regarding the functionality of the PBX would be better directed to the manufacturer of the PBX.


PBX systems capable of connecting to Nextiva’s SIP Trunking service:

  • SwitchVox
  • TrixBox
  • Elastix
  • 3CX

Nextiva App: Windows Setup

The Nextiva App combines voice, video, instant messaging, and more into a single application that you can access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device on Windows, macOSiOS and Android platforms.  Nextiva integrates a feature-rich softphone application with chat functionality, on-net video calling, file and screen sharing, as well as team presence technology, call pulling and so much more.

NOTE: As a prerequisite, an Office Pro Plus or Office Enterprise license is required to use the Nextiva App.  For assistance assigning a license to a user click here.


Downloading the Nextiva App: